The Gastronomic Fusion Oasis in Kea

Mizu is the new sophisticated Japanese Mediterranean Fusion restaurant at Ydor.



The word "mizu" (水) is the Japanese term for water. It represents one of the fundamental elements in both nature and culture, symbolizing purity, fluidity, and life. Water is essential to life and is often associated with tranquility, clarity, and refreshment in Japanese culture.

"Mizu" evokes a sense of calm and a dedication to purity and freshness in each dish, aligning with the values of high-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation. The name also symbolizes the seamless blending of different culinary traditions, much like how water effortlessly merges with various forms and environments.

Where East Meets West in a Flow of Flavors

By combining the elegance and precision of Japanese cuisine with the diverse flavors and techniques of Mediterranean cooking, Mizu offers a unique dining concept. The experience here becomes even more memorable as you can enjoy the Japanese inspired cocktails curated by our mixologist with the most beautiful sunset on the island as your backdrop.


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